An-tea-oxidant Sampler Collection

An-tea-oxidant Sampler Collection

The much-anticipated An-tea-oxidant Sampler Collection is finally here and ready! We’ve spent the past few weeks readying you for their arrival, and if you’d like more information on all of the health benefits the teas have to offer, you can read about them more in-depth in our Newsletters. 

The An-tea-oxidant Sampler Collection will be available on June 28, for $25 each. The Sampler has four different teas, and there will be six of each, so you’ll get twenty-four different tea sachets total. You’ll be able to reap antioxidant benefits for quite a bit, and be able to enjoy the tea-liciousness of the whole collection!

The four teas are Tea-Tox, White Blueberry, Ginger Lemongrass, and Daily Detox. Tea-tox will be absolutely loaded with all sorts of goodies with Burdock, Milk Thistle, Green Rooibos, Cinnamon, Lemon Balm, Dandelion Root, and Peppermint Leaves! The Peppermint, Cinnamon and Lemon Balm will ensure this tea is an aromatic experience in itself, but especially will ensure you’ll be cleansed of loads of toxins with their antioxidant levels, and the detoxifying effects of Milk Thistle and Burdock. We wrote three newsletters on the benefits of Tea-tox, and you can read them here {Newsletter 1} {Newsletter 2} and {Newsletter 3}.

White Blueberry will have White tea, Blueberries, and Natural Blueberry Flavor; this will be good especially for those who like lighter, milder flavors like white tea, and especially those who love fruity teas. Blueberries are a superfruit for a reason, and you’ll be able to reap benefits there you wouldn’t normally get from tea. Benefits specifically from Blueberries you can’t get from tea plants include fiber, magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin C. This will be especially good for gut health, and a boost to your digestive system. You can read more about the health benefits of White Blueberry Tea here {Newsletter 4}.

Ginger Lemongrass will have Lemongrass, Ginger, Licorice, Peppermint Leaves, Safflower, and Blue Cornflowers! For those who love the spicier, stronger flavors, this will be a great counterbalance to the White Blueberry. Ginger and Licorice will provide stronger flavors that meld well together while the Peppermint will tie them all together. Besides the well-known health benefits of Ginger and Peppermint, the Safflower and Blue Cornflowers are known for assisting digestion, helping with bloating, and for their anti-inflammatory properties. For more information, you can read more about them here {Newsletter 5} and here {Newsletter 6}.

And last but not least, Daily Detox will have Holy Basil, Spearmint, Rosehips, Lemon Myrtle, and Linden Blossoms. This will have an especially lovely scent with the Rosehips and Spearmint and Holy Basil, but it too will have extremely strong health benefits. Like Spearmint, Rosehips and their benefits have been well documented, which you can read more about here {Newsletter 7} but lesser known health benefits of Lemon Myrtle include its high content of Vitamin E and A, and Linden Blossoms have been used in folk medicine for centuries for assisting in detoxifying as a mild diuretic and lessening bloating. You can read more about them here {Newsletter 8}.

We’re so excited to share this new Sampler with you! The An-tea-oxidant Sampler Collection is now ready to order, and we hope you enjoyed learning more about the myriad of ways tea can help improve your health, and your wellness. Are you ready to dive in?

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