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  • An-tea-oxidant Sampler Collection

    We’re so excited to share this new Sampler with you! The An-tea-oxidant Sampler Collection is now ready to order, 
  • What is it about Lemon Myrtle?

    Lemon Myrtle comes from a flowering tree that’s native to Australia, and as the name suggests, has a great lemon flavor.
  • Did you know this about Rose Hips?

    learning about Holy Basil, Spearmint, and Rosehips and all of their benefits in this tea
  • The Grateful Tea Info-Gram #6

    The rest of the ingredient list for Ginger Lemongrass we’ll be covering today include Peppermint Leaves, Safflower & Blue Cornflowers.
  • The Grateful Tea Info-Gram #5

    We’ll be discussing our Ginger Lemongrass tea, and its ingredients too. It’s got Lemongrass, Ginger, Licorice, Peppermint leaves, Safflower, and Blue cornflowers! 
  • The Grateful Tea Info-Gram #4

    The next tea we’ll be exploring in the An-tea-oxidant Sampler is the White Blueberry tea, 
  • The Grateful Tea Info-Gram #3

    Welcome to the final installation of learning about our Tea-tox ingredients! We’ve covered most of the other ingredients in the first two newsletters, which you can read right here {insert link to part 1}, and {insert link to part 2}. We’ll be finishing
  • The Grateful Tea Info-Gram #2

    Welcome back! Today, we’ll be discussing the second part of this three part newsletter about some of the ingredients of Tea-tox, and exploring th...
  • The Grateful Tea Info-Gram #1

    We’ll be introducing an An-tea-oxidant sampler this month, and we’re going to explore all of the health benefits they have.
  • Get Romantic With Tea

    When it comes to romance, many set the mood with a glass of pinot noir, or a bubbly flute of champagne. Don't forget that "tea for two" can also brew romance, if you pay mind to the presentation.

    Tea can be poured in a porcelain mug, a metal goblet or a shallow saucer. Some like to gulp it down, others swish and slurp, while some take the time to delicately sip their tea from fine china cups placed atop dainty saucers. The likes and dislikes of tea drinkers may vary, but t...
  • Enjoying Chai Tea The World Over

    Tea is one of the common threads that unite a myriad of cultures; what is a morning jolt of caffeine or a ritual afternoon respite for some, may be a traditional ceremony for others. Regardless of the purpose it serves, tea has been a constant in society for centuries. The different flavors of tea have changed and evolved but the love for it has remained the same.
  • America's Iced Tea

    Many people say there's nothing more American
    then apple pie. However, there is another sweet
    treat that's one hundred percent red, white, and blue.

    From coast to coast, Americans are wild about
    iced tea. What many don't realize is that although
    it's based on an Asian brew, iced tea is an American

    Iced tea's popularity can be traced to the heatwave
    of 1904 when tea merchant Richard Blechynden
    decided to serve tea over ice at an exposition in
    St. Louis. Ameri...