About Us

The Grateful Tea Co.

Believe it or not. Our brand name is a product of natural selection. However, like all natural selections, they’re influenced by human experiences. “The Grateful Tea Co” for us bears a two-pronged interpretation.

Growing up, I always basked in the glee of listening to and attending past shows of the Grateful Dead. Even till date, they make me pop the question—where is a time machine when you need one? I’m a huge fan.

In an eponymous fashion, I also am truly “grateful” that in the midst of all that is going on in the world, I am still able to pursue and achieve the vision I have instore for my brand. Of closer family ties, stronger bonds, and magic all in a teacup—I’m grateful!

Our Tea: 

For a tasteful beverage that boasts the added value of elevating our minds, vibrancy, and our spirit, tea is fast becoming found out for what it well and truly is—something of a delightful delicacy, yet so therapeutic. It really does tick all the boxes.  From gourmet sachet teabags to loose-leaf, Rooibos, black tea, green, herbal & wellness teas you can rest easy in the confidence and originality that the signature “The Grateful Tea Co.” inspires.

Our Mission:

Re-imagining the tea experience as a cupful of comfort, and an elixir of redemption, hope, and renewed vigor. One “cuppa” at a time.