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Citrus Mint Green Loose Leaf Tea (4 Sizes)

Citrus Mint Green Loose Leaf Tea (4 Sizes)

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Liven up your day with our bright, cheerful, and refreshing
Citrus Mint Green tea. This effervescent blend combines the
sweet, smooth, well-rounded feel of green tea with the fresh
zest of lemon and orange, finished off with the cool gentleness
of spearmint. It may very well be the perfect blend to invigorate
your afternoon without over-caffeinating.

Blended With Green Tea, Spearmint Leaves, Lemon Grass,
Lemon Verbena, Orange, Marigold Flowers, Natural Lemon
Flavor & Natural Orange Flavor

Preparation:  1 teaspoon in 8oz / Steep at 180° for 2-3 minutes

10 Evidence-Based Benefits of Green Tea

1. Contains healthy bioactive compounds
2. May improve brain function
3. Increases fat burning
4. Antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers
5. May protect the brain from aging
6. May reduce bad breath
7. May help prevent type 2 diabetes
8. May help prevent cardiovascular disease
9. May help you lose weight
10. May help you live longer

Source: Healthline





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