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How to Brew Dry Hibiscus Flowers for Hot Tea

  • Put the dried hibiscus flowers into an empty teapot. 
    • 2 tsp - 10ml
    • Add more for a stronger brew
    • Add less for a weaker brew
    • Hibiscus Tea has no caffeine 
  •   Pour the boiling water into the teapot. 
    • Fill the teapot to the brim (or simply add as much as you plan to drink).
  • For caffeinated tea, add a teabag to the water
    • If you'd like to get some energy from the tea add a bag of your preferred caffeinated tea to the hot water at this point. Hibiscus tea tastes great on its own, however.
    • For extra caffeine, add multiple bags
  • Steep Tea-Leaves for five minutes. 
    • Let the tea steep longer for a stronger flavor. 
    • Let it steep for less time if you want a weaker flavor.  
  • Strain the tea as you pour it. 
    • Now, you just need to get the flowers out. 
    • If your teapot does not have a built-in filter or mesh, pour the tea into your cup through a fine metal strainer.  
  • Sweeten the tea as desired
    •  Your tea is now ready to enjoy.