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Peach Apricot Loose-Leaf Green Tea Loose-leaf tea The Grateful Tea Co.

Gourmet Peach Apricot Loose-Leaf Specialty Green Tea Blend (now packaged in a resealable pouch)

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Made from the finest gunpowder 
green tea, natural peach, and apricot
flavoring, this delicious Gourmet 
Peach Apricot Loose-Leaf Tea Blend
will have you feeling lightly refreshed
in no time. Enjoy the benefits of the 
green tea without the bitter taste, but
instead enjoy a clean, smooth taste 
with the unique combination of peach
and apricot.  Perfect served both hot or
cold, this gourmet tea is a must-have 
for the tea cabinet.

The bold and lightly smoky gunpowder
green tea provides you with a caffeine 
energy boost and powerful antioxidants 
for supportive health.  The tantalizing 
peach and apricot add the final blast of 
sweetness, along with rich vitamin C and
many other minerals, including potassium
and phosphorous.


● Contains caffeine
● 1tsp brews 2-3 cups
● Energizes + supports health
● Delicious hot and cold
● Yummy peachy/apricot taste


Gunpowder green tea, natural peach, 
apricot flavoring.


1. Bring water to full boil
2. Steep 1tsp for 1-3 minutes.
3. Serve hot or cold
4. Flavor to your liking

10 Evidence-Based Benefits of Green Tea

1. Contains healthy bioactive compounds
2. May improve brain function
3. Increases fat burning
4. Antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers
5. May protect the brain from aging
6. May reduce bad breath
7. May help prevent type 2 diabetes
8. May help prevent cardiovascular disease
9. May help you lose weight
10. May help you live longer

Source: Healthline





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