Healthy Flower Herbal Tea Ball - Naturally Caffeine Free

Healthy Flower Herbal Tea Ball - Naturally Caffeine Free

Herbal Flower Tea Balls


The balls are pure flowers with no additives. They are made by hot steaming the flower pieces, they are then shaped into balls and dried naturally. Not to be confused with Blooming tea balls. These are simply and purely flowers.

Each teaball will make a large teapot or more depending on your preference. They are individually wrapped in colored coded foil or packaged to your specifications.

Brewing method:

1. Rinse Once Before Brewing for Ultimate Flavor

2. Place One Ball in Teapot

3. Fill the Teapot with boiling water of 212 F (100 C)

4. Watch it unfurl and drink up in good health!

5. Let tea steep approx. 5 min.


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