Organic Blooming Tea - 100% Hand Made

Organic Blooming Tea - 100% Hand Made - Peace

Blooming tea - 3 Teaballs, Glass container may vary.

Blooming tea, also known as art tea and flowering tea, is something that can please both your eyes and taste buds, as well as provide all of the health benefits associated with green tea. These tea balls are all made by hand. The individual tea leaves and different flowers are sewn together forming a ball and designed to "perform" when steeped in hot water. Each tea ball will unfold into a decorative flower arrangement. All tea leaves are the finest green tea & 100% natural. 

Blooming teas available:

1. Variety Pack: Peace, Love & Happiness (3 balls of each)

2. Peace: Green Tea, Globe Amaranth, Marigold & Jasmine

3. Love: Green Tea, Jasmine & Lilly

4. Happiness: Green Tea, Globe Amaranth, Jasmine & Marigold


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